Audi Genuine Filters

Audi Genuine dust and pollen filters prevent pollen and fine dust particles from unduly penetrating the vehicle interior. Using a multi-layer filtering system, large dust and soot particles are trapped via the pre-filter while fungal spores and pollen is retained by the second layer. Designed to be replaced at each scheduled service interval, Audi Genuine dust and pollen filters not only work to minimise odours and allergy symptoms but also help protect your air conditioning system.

Air Filter
Audi Genuine air filter elements stop harmful dirt and dust particles from entering the engine’s combustion chamber, preventing premature engine wear. Designed to be replaced at the scheduled service intervals Audi Genuine Air filters are tailored to your Audi engine type, offering maximum engine performance, reliability and efficiency.

Engine Oil Filter
Oil filters from Audi Genuine Parts are responsible for maintaining engine oil purity and minimising engine wear. Their high levels of filtration work to remove carbon deposits, soot and metal particles, helping to ensure high levels of engine performance and long service life in all environments.